Complete, All-Inclusive Audit for Your Contact Center

Identify new opportunities, pinpoint weaknesses and optimize your call center performance

A proactive approach to your contact center’s health and wellness

  • What keeps you up at night? Is it the moment you realize there is a gap between your business objectives, your metrics and customer requests? These and other pressing challenges may loom large. Will your infrastructure support short and long-term objectives?
  • Are you using technology and tools to their maximum potential?
  • What metrics should you focus on?
  • How can you improve CSAT scores, CX and Customer Satisfaction?
  • Are you using reporting and dashboard management best practices?
  • How can you improve agent and team performance?

By conducting regular, systematic audits, we can help assess the overall health of your contact center, specific sectors of your operations and gain quantitative data to help answer your burning questions.

Uncover performance gaps. Identify areas for improvement and business growth.

Through an in-depth, detailed operational diagnostic of your contact center, your performance quality is analyzed (and extended across departmental touchpoints) to identify key pain points. Audit reports provide valuable insight and proper guidance.

With greater insight into your actual operations, we can propose recommendations and help you develop a strategic contact center plan to improve efficiency. Optimally run your operations with 20/20 vision, today and into the future.

  • Expert

    Assessment, advice and guidance from contact center industry experts

  • Methodological

    Assessment and analysis of contact center metrics

  • Discover

    Customer experience pain points or blind spots that impede operational efficiencies

  • Uncover

    And prioritize critical improvement areas

  • Generate

    Benchmarks to be used against industry best practices

  • Identify

    And improve your kpis – understand, measure and analyze key performance factors for continuous improvement


a crystal-clear understanding of operations and business goals


operations with a short, mid and long-term strategic roadmap


and simplify the way people work, improve workforce management and engagement


expectations for all stakeholders leading to increased performance and motivation towards common goals, such as improved customer experience


and rapid increase in all levels of performance


results year-over-year to analyze progression

every aspect of your contact center

Improve every aspect of your contact center

Pick and choose from the following pre-packed audit assessments that cater to key sectors of operational success – Services, Processes, Human Resources, Tools:

  • Workforce Management & Capacity Planning
  • Quality & Recording
  • Performance & Productivity Management
  • KPIs & Dashboards
  • Customer & Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Journey & Omnichannel
  • Processes & Tools
  • Technology & Cloud Integrations

Packaged or custom call center audit

For unique or specific requirements, our contact center consulting experts work with you to develop a highly custom audit that address your pain points and uncover new opportunities to drive business success.

Prepare for the future! Schedule your annual audit

Scheduled once a year, a global yearly audit of your contact center effectiveness pre-emptively addresses performance issues and business challenges, providing you the insight required to pivot.

Stay on top of performance changes, review the impact of specific modifications, and adjust your plans for the following year activities.

Identify opportunities.
Plan for the future.

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