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360-degree customer engagement interactivity

No matter where you are on your journey, customer engagement is in constant evolution – with one consistent truth: Your customers should feel valued at every touchpoint.

According to Deloitte’s Global contact center survey, 88% of contact centers prioritize the customer experience. To build trust, credibility, loyalty and true customer engagement you need to constantly monitor and improve the customer experience.

We can help you analyze all elements that feed into the customer experience and improve your first call resolution rates or Net Promoter Score. It’s something we call, The X FACTOR.

Customer eXperience
Employee eXperience
User eXperience

To consistently deliver on the customer experience, you need happy contact center agents. Happy agents need contact center solutions and automated tools that encourage their on-the-job happiness. And, yes, customers also want advanced IVR and artificial intelligence self-service tools across digital channels that provide a consistent customer experience. All these factors combine to create greater customer engagement and seamless customer interactions.

Measure, monitor and improve the customer journey

Measure, monitor and improve the customer journey

A sudden increase in customer complaints. A low Net Promoter Score. To overcome these challenges, we take a systematic approach that starts with understanding your goals, evaluating the customer journey, recommending the right performance metrics (such as, average call length and first call resolution rates), identifying tools and solutions on both the customer and agent side, and establishing a baseline to measure future performance. And really, that’s just the start.

Depending on your customer experience challenges, a detailed analysis of the customer journey can help you better understand and identify gaps and pain points. From there, we can propose detailed recommendations and implementation assistance that can lead to a marked improvement in your customer journey.

So many metrics! Where do you start?

It can be overwhelming. Without understanding your goals, objectives and prioritizing opportunities, every metric, though valuable, is not always important.

We can help you identify the key performance metrics that impact customer engagement. With proper analysis, we can uncover gaps in performance leading to clear and specific recommendations, such as agent coaching, process and tool optimization, change management and others.

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Benchmarks and dashboards

  • Customer feedback analysis

  • Customer satisfaction

  • First call resolution

Inoria customer journey mapping

Optimize customer interactions through journey mapping

Have you ever called into a contact center with a specific question, only to spend an extended amount of time navigating through their IVR before finally getting to your final destination? Not a pleasant customer experience.

Using customer journey mapping, we can chart an optimal path to resolution that allows your customers to navigate through key touchpoints quickly and easily. We can help you uncover ease of channel use. The number of levels required to reach an agent or complete a task. From first contact to resolution, we can help you optimize the customer experience, while reducing the strain on live agents.


Your customers demand omnichannel tools.
Don’t disappoint them.

It’s now a necessity. If you are not leveraging omnichannel contact center tools, customer engagement and the customer experience will wane. In a Telus Communications survey, 72 percent of millennials say they are loyal to companies that engage on social media. Customers expect you to actively engage and be where they are. If you’re not ready to meet customer expectations and take advantage of these opportunities, we can help.

Let us recommend better use of your current contact center channels and propose new channels that allow instantaneous interactions, such as chat and social media, taking customer behavior into account. By implementing the right processes and business practices with the right technology, we can help your contact center evolve to market and customer demands.

Great customer experiences breed customer satisfaction and loyalty

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