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Contact Center digital transformation

Market demand dictates digital strategy

Rethink how you use digital technology to meet and exceed customer demands

Your customers drive digital transformation. They demand new communication channels. New digital technologies and tools, like AI self-service applications. New ways to connect with you. And if you can’t deliver, they will find a company that will.

Digital transformation impacts everything and everyone. Can you instantly flip the switch from in office to remote work? Do your employees have innovative digital tools and digital platforms to work from anywhere? Are you providing your customers with flexible channels and self-service options they need to connect with you? Can you access your KPIs in just a few clicks, or do you still need to manually extract the data? A digital transformation strategy can help you rise to meet these challenges.


Accelerate business outcomes through digital innovation

Cloud Migration

Cloud solutions went from nice-to-have to must-have, giving contact centers the ability to deliver complete remote work capabilities with uninterrupted customer service. Scalable to accommodate your growth. Reduce your internal IT costs. Eliminate redundancies. Built-in disaster recovery. That’s the cloud advantage!

Ready for the cloud?

Our approach to cloud migration is simple. We act as your guide, reducing operational disruptions to deliver a complete migration of your contact center solution or workforce management system. We can assist with change management, post-implementation training or integration with existing digital platforms (CRM, payment processing, active directories, and more).

Need help selecting the best cloud platform?

We can provide a complete, turn-key service through our partnership with Genesys and Alvaria (Aspect Software). Count on our personalized and structured consulting services to help you successfully transition to the cloud. Not sure you’re ready for the cloud?

Digital transformation strategy & omnichannel solutions

Do your customers prefer voice or email? What about chat or social media?

Delivering your customers with as many options as they desire, will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. As part of your overall customer communications strategy, we can analyze your business processes and requirements, and help in the implementation of a complete omnichannel solution or the addition of specific channel applications.

Let’s face it.

Your customers expect and now demand omnichannel solutions (voice, email, chat, chatbot/voicebot, social media). If you don’t have them, they’ll find a company that does!

Contact Center self-service tools

Customer Self-Service Options

Give them the self-service tools they want

Millennials and Gen Z customers prefer self-service options over live agent interactions. Not because they don’t like to talk with humans. They just want options that are easier and faster for simple, straightforward tasks, like updating their information.

For complex, detailed or highly sensitive matters, customers prefer the human-to-human experience. According to McKinsey, 52% want a live agent when faced with a crisis. But for all else, self-service is a high value means to accomplish specific tasks. By thoroughly analyzing customer interactions and evaluating internal requirements, we can deliver your customers effective self-service tools they demand, while freeing your agents to concentrate on value-added interactions.

Improve customer experiences

Conversational AI, chatbot and voicebot

Don’t just talk to your customers.
Start a conversation.

Reduce the strain placed on agents. Deliver value-based self-service options. Improve customer experiences.

They’re everywhere. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots and voicebots can respond to customer inquiries in real-time and now understand natural language – so your customers never have to speak like a robot.

Start with incoming interactions.
Add an AI component. Deliver next level customer communications.

Through our Inoria Bot Solutions, we deliver advanced digital transformation consulting services and expertise in conversational AI for all your voicebot and chatbot (SMS, email, social media) needs. We can help you design and implement a new AI self-service solution or improve the performance of your current application. By building speech recognition logic, your IVR, chatbot and voicebot can be fine-tuned to better understand natural language and to seamlessly process customer requests in a more human way.

Connect your AI self-service tools with your contact center solution platform, customer service applications and CRMs for an integrated experience that reduces agent dependency, increases efficiency, and saves costs.

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