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Improve, Simplify and Streamline with Genesys Approved Optimization Tools

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Got Genesys? Then you already benefit from the world’s leading customer experience platform. But sometimes, even the best of the best needs some assistance. Our suite of value-added applications can enhance your Genesys cloud and Genesys pureconnect solutions. And yes, we are a certified Genesys appfoundry partner, so all our applications are Genesys approved and customer loved.

Seamlessly integrated with your solution, our ever-expanding suite delivers improved productivity and performance.

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Conversational AI solutions for your chatbot, voicebot interactions

/ BOT Solutions

Contact center organizations are adopting chatbots and voicebots for their web services to provide customers with intelligent self-service options that optimally distribute live agent workloads. Integrating these tools as part of your omnichannel strategy can be challenging. In addition to the solution tools – chat widget and connector – the real work is in building and fine-tuning an extensive knowledge database so that your customers can find the information they need in a more “human” fashion, tailored to your brand.

Bot Solutions facilitate the process of adopting bot technologies, fine-tuning your current bot and helping to build business strategies that serve to enhance the customer experience.

Get a bot!

Give your administrators the power they need to get the job done

Infiniti RegReporter

Advanced reporting capabilities and utility configuration tools give administrators the power to navigate with ease, simplifying configuration. A multi-faceted application that instantly gathers and displays data from Interaction Administrator, RegReporter saves countless hours, annoying clicks and money wasted on unused licenses.

  • Generate reports that track license distribution and utilization per user
  • Identify and avoid common configuration mistake

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Instantly Manage IVR Messages

Infiniti Message Insertion Points

Quickly record, enable and disable IVR messages with no IT support with our dynamic, call flow messaging add-on.

Get time-critical information out to your customers lightning FAST. Create, add, remove and manage IVR messages. Announcements can be placed anywhere in the IVR menu, activated and deactivated at will – from anywhere – making it the ideal customer communication continuity application.

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Remote work made seamless without disrupting the customer experience

Infiniti Remote Login

Remote Login is a simple and secure way for agents to remotely log into your system and respond to customer calls – when agents don’t have access to a computer, are on the road or working remotely. It’s your go-to tool in the event of a disaster, like say, a pandemic. No hardware. No software. All you need is a smart phone.

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Easily fax documents to customers using email

Infiniti Email-To-Fax

Configured to replace fax server solutions, Email-to-Fax allows agents to continue using their favorite email solution while obtaining historical reporting through Interaction Reports. Agents can automatically convert an email into a fax – completely transparent and effortless – and will even receive a confirmation, just like a true fax!

Agent attrition

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Initiate instant callback functionality

Infiniti Automated Callback

Automate customer call execution upon reception of the agent callback interaction, no more lost time between the moment when the call ends, and the moment when the next interaction occurs. Agents cannot move to another task until the call is made. Less clicking and no thinking required!

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Improve email interactions

Infiniti Email Flow Tools

Quickly and easily facilitate email interactions with efficient email flows. Email Flow Tools eliminates manual email handling and automates routing features. Boost email interaction capabilities, adding much needed features and functionalities at the hands of contact center professionals.

Strategic Contact Center Solutions for Business Process Outsourcers

Genesys PureConnect Add-On

Custom, Personalized Outbound Displays

Infiniti Outbound Call Display

Your Genesys PureConnect platform only permits the use of ONE outgoing phone number and display name. What’s up with that? With the ability to modify the display name and number when executing an outgoing call, you can easily configure the information directly in Genesys PureConnect.

  • Customize your interactions by division or service unit
  • Provide personalized support
  • Decrease wait times and long queue lines

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