Strategic Contact Center Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Manage your healthcare contact center with a collaborative partner that prioritizes the customer experience

The patient experience across channels

Your customers expect a positive, streamlined experience at every touchpoint. More than in any other industry where customers are also your patients, you must develop a personalized patient experience strategy that provides accessible and empathetic communications across channels. We enable healthcare organizations to deliver tailored patient interactions, improved health outcomes, and synchronize the client journey across your communication channels.

Our practitioner and healthcare customers rely on our in-depth expertise, best practices, and healthcare industry know-how to deliver strategic guidance and next-generation healthcare call center solutions that enhance the patient experience.

Healthcare Contact Center

Privacy and Compliance

When gathering and managing sensitive patient information, it is important for you to work with a partner that can help you protect customer transaction data with thorough data security and high standards that safeguard regulatory compliance and privacy. Whether on-premises or cloud-based, maintain regulatory standards, even with agents working remotely.

Reduce Churn. Maximize Agent Satisfaction.

Acquiring and retaining quality agents is a challenge for every contact center. We can help you empower your agents by providing contact center software, appointment scheduling tools and performance-enhancing processes that enable them to deliver personalized patient experiences. Improve productivity, lower costs and improve healthcare outcomes, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

With the ability to work remotely – from anywhere at any time – agents have all the integrated remote tools they require to safely manage patient data and successfully enact customer interactions.

Reduce Operating Costs. Maximize Revenue.

Providing empathetic patient care and customer support must be in balance with a contact center that is agile and cost-efficient. Transform patient experiences with advanced digital capabilities across channels that allow your operations to adapt and scale as required.

  • Adjust for fluctuations in demand without compromising on service

  • Maximize efficiencies

  • Minimize operating cost

  • Improve productivity and business outcomes

Healthcare engaging self-service experiences

Create engaging self-service experiences

Like any other consumer, patients also want 24-hour access to your healthcare institution with the ability to gain support on any channel – including advanced self-service IVR and website options that leverage artificial intelligence solutions, such as chatbots and voicebots. By allowing your patients to get the support they need without ever interacting with an agent, they can quickly and easily make or cancel appointments and access their information. And should they need assistance for a more complex issue, they can be seamlessly guided to a customer agent.

Ask how we can help you deliver exceptional patient experiences that maximize efficiencies and minimize agent stress and overall operating costs.

Streamline the patient journey

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