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The voice of your contact center is key to customer satisfaction.

Contact centers agent turnover

Happy employees make happy customers. Period.

Contact centers have always been faced with recurring agent turnover. Today’s agent has greater demands and expectations. Add to that, a grinding daily routine dealing with difficult customers or sales quotas, and you’ve got a recipe for agent unhappiness. Prioritize and support your agents by providing them with the contact center tools and solutions they need.

Because it starts and ends with your employees. No amount of automation or technology will change that. Attracting, nurturing and retaining quality agents are top priority. Where Workforce Optimization (WFO) focuses on productivity and efficiencies, Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) focuses on creating sustained, personal experiences that promote enhanced employee experiences.

Workforce Management

Contact center employees demand flexible automation tools

Still using spreadsheets to manage your most valuable resources? Workforce Management (WFM) solutions are critical resource management tools that automate tedious scheduling tasks and provide greater workforce planning and forecasting capabilities. More importantly, it provides contact center agents with insight into their schedules with the added flexibility of adjusting their workday.

A solution that addresses agent scheduling discontent and manager workforce planning challenges, we can integrate WFM for optimal insight and a greater employee experience.

Key WFM Features:

  • Agent Self-Service and Mobility
  • Employee Forecasting
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Intraday Monitoring
  • Historical Reporting
  • Workforce and Business Planning
  • Real-time Adherence Monitoring

Get started on your WFM strategic plan, implement a new solution or optimize your current platform. Learn how Inoria can guide your workforce management initiatives. We are certified Genesys and Alvaria (formerly Aspect Software) Partners.

Quality Management

Help your agents deliver consistent, high quality interactions

Setting clear and tangible quality objectives for your agents, requires a deep understanding of customer interactions. Compliance and assurance tools are used to evaluate key quality aspects, such as agent attrition or customer experience issues. With access to customer interaction recordings, we help you evaluate performance, identify challenges and implement pre-emptive solutions.

  • Evaluate Agent Recordings

    We can evaluate your voice and screen recordings on a number of call scoring factors: average call length, script adherence and compliance, problem solving abilities, call handling skills, customer service quality, etiquette and more.

  • Analyze Metrics

    Quality is best evaluated through KPIs. Decreases or changes in metrics can signal negative patterns that require immediate action, before they become ingrained.

  • Define New Objectives

    Armed with interaction insight and key quality metrics, we can help you develop comprehensive objectives aimed at providing better tools to support agent success, that in turn promotes a better customer experience.

    Using your current Quality Management tools or through new solutions, you gain greater insight into agent interaction quality – resulting in better KPIs and a more efficient contact center.

Agent attrition

Motivate employees. Boost performance. Deliver memorable customer interactions.

Creating a culture of high performing agents requires all-encompassing employee engagement strategies. Agent attrition and low agent satisfaction scores are critical warning signs. Often, contact centers don’t have the tools to accurately monitor employee performance, don’t know what they should be monitoring or require strategic guidance in obtaining performance based KPIs.

Through an in-depth Performance Management analysis, we can help you identify new opportunities and implement strategies that motivate and nurture your employees.

Empower your employees with the right tools

Give planners, managers and supervisors tools that automate tasks related to forecasting, scheduling and training.

Boost agent productivity

Make work fun! Use metrics to define areas where game-like experiences (gamification) can be used to enhance agent performance. Instill playful competitions, badges and bonuses that encourage collaboration and uninterrupted success.

Continuous learning

Onboard new hires faster. Use coaching, e-learning and ad hoc training activities between customer interactions to continuously develop and nurture agent skills.

Foster greater employee engagement with Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

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