Frequently Asked Questions for the Contact Center

All your Frequently Asked Questions about our contact center solutions and services

1. What is your experience delivering workforce management (WFM) services and solutions?

As a Genesys partner since 2008 and an Aspect Software partner since 2001, we have a deep understanding of WFM operations, and can guide and assist you throughout the process – and beyond – of implementing, integrating and supporting your WFM environment within your contact center. Learn more

2. Why should we work with Inoria, when we can work directly with Genesys?

Every company has different needs. To accommodate these differences, Genesys created a vast partner network. Since 2008, Inoria has been a certified Genesys partner supporting small, mid-sized and large-scale Genesys PureConnect and Genesys Cloud users. With more than 30+ years experience delivering people-focused services that transform contact center organizations across North America, we understand your challenges. With Inoria, you’ll get personalized, immediate support with direct access to our experts, at all times.

3. Can I continue to work with Genesys if we utilize your consulting or professional services?

Of course! As a Genesys partner, we work hand-in-hand with Genesys to support your contact center environment. Working in unison, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible support and care.

4. How do your support services compare to Genesys, Aspect and other partners/providers?

Experienced, attentive supportive customer care is not an option, but we understand that everyone has different needs. It’s why we created Gold, Platinum or Diamond support packages that allow you to select the bundled customer care, maintenance and support path that best augments your contact center environment. Always operate at peak performance – backed by certified and experienced solution experts. Learn more

5. Can you completely manage or co-manage our contact center solution?

We provide Inoria Managed Services, a worry-free, 24/7 full-service solution for growing and upstart operations that need industry know-how to expertly manage their contact center systems. Whether on-premises, cloud or workforce management solutions, we expertly manage your critical contact center systems. Learn More

6. How do your training services compare to those offered by solution providers?

More and more, companies are moving towards a curriculum and online delivery training model. This provides a greater and broader reach of their training, but often loses some of the individualized aspects of employee training. At Inoria, all our training is meticulously designed to meet your individual environment, so you can better address key concerns and deliver training services that meet your specific requirements.

7. We are short-handed. Do you have experienced resources we can borrow to help complete a project?

We know that finding short-term resources with the credentials and experience you require can be difficult. We can help. Through our staff augmentation services, we can accompany your requirements for special projects, solution deployments and work alongside your team, when you’re short-handed.

8. We’re a US company, what does it mean to work with a partner based in Canada?

Our clients spread across North America receive the same premium customer experience, irrespective of where they are located. In fact, quite a few clients specifically elect to work with us, even though they have many local options available to them. Though we are headquartered in Montreal (Quebec), our experts are located across North America – in office or in alternative workspaces – meeting all the US required security and compliances, ready and able to support your contact center needs.

9. What’s your level of security and compliance?

We adhere and meet the rigorous security and compliance standards of our North American clients. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of security and industry-specific compliance certification through our accredited contact center experts and the solutions we deliver.

10. What technical certifications do your experts have?

We believe that to best serve our clients, we must cultivate and nurture our people talent, expand their knowledge and expertise at all times. Our certifications include Genesys Cloud Certified Professional (GCP-GC), Genesys Cloud Certified Associate (GCA-GC), Genesys Cloud Certified Specialist (GCS-GC), Genesys Cloud Certified Developer (GCD-GC), Interaction Dialer Certified Engineer, Interaction Center Handler Developer, and more. Trust your implementation, integration and configuration projects in the expert hands of our experienced contact center professionals. For a specific certification, reach out to us for additional details.

11. Do you still support Genesys PureConnect?

Companies across industries looking for more knowledgeable and responsive support partners, turn to our team in the continued evolution of their platform. Why? We have been implementing PureConnect solutions and supporting users since the very start of our partnership with Genesys. We know and understand your needs. We have also designed a host of Genesys PureConnect add-ons that make operating your platform that much better.
And when the time comes, we will help you seamlessly transition to the cloud. Hand-in-hand, you’ll be guided through the migration journey through a simplified process that delivers rapid business value.

12. Can you support our efforts in the implementation of conversational AI in the form of a chatbot or voicebot?

Through our Inoria BOT Solutions, we deliver advanced expertise in conversational AI for all your voicebot and chatbot (SMS, email, social media) needs. We can help you design and implement a new AI self-service solution or improve the performance of your current application. By building speech recognition logic, your IVR, chatbot and voicebot can be fine-tuned to better understand natural language and to seamlessly process customer requests in a more human way.

13. We want to integrate our contact center solution with applications such as, CRM or Microsoft Teams. How can you help?

To gain complete insight into your operations and maximize your solution investment, your contact center solution must be integrated with your existing systems and applications (telephony, CRM, Unified Communications, self-service applications, etc.). As part of an implementation project or a standalone requirement, our integration services also include fine-tuning of your solution to ensure you’re always running at optimal capacity, taking full advantage of your solutions.

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